Learn How To Model

Our Model Program

Become a trained model in just four sessions that can be completed within a month. You will have knowledge of the industry, how to pose, be prepared, make proper wardrobe choices, follow model etiquette, professionalism, the importance of networking, and receive 10 edited photos for your new model portfolio. You will have the option to branch out or continue with us as a DMSK model! For a small additional cost you can added onto our list of models for exclusive discounts, free birthday shoots, have immediate notification of job opportunities including: music videos, paid client work and other projects. 
First session: 

You’ll come to our Shelton studio and have natural makeup done by Deanna. We will talk about the importance of makeup and how it changes for photography. You’ll learn how your facial expressions are important and the best way to use them to your advantage. We will have you sit in front of a backdrop and then take headshots, talking about the pace of a photo shoot, how to work with photographers, and basic tips and techniques. You will come away with a general introduction to the world of modeling and one sensational headshot photo.


Second session:

After your makeup session with Deanna, we will move into posing, discussing more on how to hold your body for all sorts of photography genres. There are a number of basic rules that apply to models when it comes to looking their best in front of the camera, and you want to know them to succeed. We will talk about professionalism and what Deanna and Scott look for in models they work with along with the do’s and don’ts. Finally, you will put on an outfit and take photos in front of a backdrop, standing, full body, and on the floor, receiving two of your best photos from this practice shoot.


Third session:

You will bring two outfits and Deanna will complete your natural makeup look knowing that we will be shooting both indoors and outdoors. You will learn more about how to take on the role of a model - expanding your reach, making valuable connections, collaborations and paid work, talking to clients, and the best tactics to build your status rapidly. We will dissect the differences between shooting indoors in front of backdrops vs. other studio spaces and compare it to the outdoors where anything goes, and how you should deal with unexpected and unwanted conditions. Finally, you’ll put together everything you’ve learned thus far with your face, mind, and body, and apply it to two mini shoots in the studio and outside, getting three wonderful photos from your work.


Fourth session:

This is it, photoshoot time! We will run this session as a real shoot would be with any client who booked us. After your choice of makeup we will discuss the three outfits you chose to bring, getting you a variety of looks with whatever vibe and style you want. We will strive to get you everything you need to finish your portfolio as you will select four photos from all we take to have edited and emailed to you. This will make a perfect ten shots for all who have completed the full program.

Model Course Program
5 hr